What differentiates me and my approach to coaching? I dare to co-create with my clients the journey to their Happiness Edge, where they can make different and difficult choices that matter for them.


Taking care
of your happiness

Happiness is not a state of being that is out of your control but something you actively choose. For many, this action of choosing is where confusion, indecision and insecurity take hold. I am here to help you choose happiness and institute a plan to ensure it isn’t something that fades.

to make different choices that matter for you

I listen to your change needs and together we dare to co-create a purposeful transformative journey

Leadership Coaching

I want to enable the next generation of leadership, empowering a revolutionary way to be in action together and create a more authentic and conscious world.

Team Coaching/Facilitation

I work with my clients to understand exactly what they need and formulate a plan unique to them in order to meet their goals.

Experiencial Workshops/Events

Take the deep dive into a specific topic by participating in one of the experiential workshops or events we offer.


Helping people and organizations to thrive, that’s my passion, that’s what drives me. If you or your team is ready to transform and get better result while feeling more fulfilled, happier, I’m here, I’m ready to dare, are you?



Get started now

I am prepared to walk with you toward actual, sustainable, positive change. Connect with me today to take the first step.