HomeWhat is Coaching?

Those who’ve never worked with a personal coach sometimes confuse coaching with mentoring, counseling, or therapy. While these all inform coaching, there is a distinct difference between a good coach and those who are experts in other professions. The coach works in harmony with these fields to make lasting, positive transformation.

A coach helps to ascertain your desired outcome, deconstruct current operations and habits, and determine the conflicts preventing your goals from being fully realized. By focusing on results, a coach is able to offer tools and processes designed for your unique needs and give you the kind of support that will help ensure lasting success.

By partnering with a coach, individuals and organizations allow a fresh set of eyes to assess their situation and guide them toward a positive outcome by, among other things, exploiting their strengths and assets, minimizing poor habits, overcoming weaknesses, eliminating self-defeating behaviors and implementing workable plans that reinforce a clear direction toward desired outcomes.