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I want to enable a next generation of leadership, empowering a revolutionary way to be in action together and create a more authentic and conscious world. Within all of us is the potential to lead. Next generation leaders are responsible for their world and creating one in which we all reach our potential.

Old leadership concepts imply that a leader is “in charge”, someone to be followed, a sort of dictatorial manager of processes and people. A new leadership mentality focuses on results by embracing the talents, perspectives, goals and strengths of everyone and finding ways to bring out the best in people and therefore the group. New leaders recognize that everyone has a significant contribution to make and helping people find purpose and meaning in what they do is going to yield the best possible results.

Shifting perspective is powerful when the new perspective brings with it an inspired way of thinking. As a leadership and team coach, I aim to empower individuals and organizations with new points of view, uncover their potential and duplicate their approach in the people they work with. My personal goal is to help awaken the leader within as many people I encounter as possible, helping nurture and support them as they become leaders in their own life, family and community.

Coaching has empowered me to harness the power of sustainable happiness. I love helping people re-discover who they are and what matters to them most. Then they can let go of the life they planned and choose a new life, the fulfilled life just waiting for them to embrace it.